So, you have now started your second six pupillage. A time that possibly you had never thought would arrive after all of those long, hard days studying at University, attending lectures, lessons, debating, Mooting, pro bono and now you are awaiting the moment your Clerk tells you to go to Court with your own brief.

But have you thought about the future?

Have you enjoyed your pupillage?
Is pupillage what you thought it was?
Would you apply for tenancy at this set?
Would you accept the tenancy offer if one is made to you?

Just a few questions to consider but there are many others.

What do you do if at the end of your pupillage Chambers decides not to take you on as a tenant do you have a plan B?

Many of you will have not looked any further than your current position in Chambers but what about your career? Where do you get your work, instructions? Your Clerk I hear you say. Your Clerk will assist you in every way they can but what are you doing?

Don’t forget you are self-employed. Your Clerk will provide you with work from connections they and Chambers have had for many years but they are not your connections.

Have you thought about those connections at the University you attended who wanted to be a Solicitor, not like the BPTC student who I asked if he had any connections with the students on the floor below completing the Solicitors course. His reply – why would I want to know them they want to be Solicitors!!!

You may never know if they are now completing a Training Contract with a high street firm and may have briefing power, being able to instruct you.

If you do have anyone that may be able to assist you with the building of your career now must be the time you start thinking about it even though you should have thought about it before you began your pupillage, be socialising with them, keeping in contact… you never know when they may need the assistance of Counsel and now you can attend Court you could help

Think about your own personal career development. Long term, what career do you want? What area of law do you want to practice? How will you develop your own practice?